My 21st Birthday || Fraser Island


If it wasn’t already incredible enough that I got to spend my 21st birthday in Australia, it was made even more special by the fact that my boyfriend Quinn flew all the way out to see me! The day after he arrived we rented a car and drove up the Sunshine Coast before catching a ferry to Fraser Island, where we’d be staying at the Kingfisher Bay Resort for the next few days.

The cabin-style resort is located just a few hundred meters from the dock, tucked away in the luscious island landscape. It is a secluded escape into beautiful scenery while still offering easy access to the beaches and bars nearby. In addition to the beaches nearby, the resort also has its own pool for those wishing to lounge in the sun without getting sand where they didn’t want it.

The rooms are accessible via outdoor walkways which adds to the outdoorsy feel, however, the rooms are far from what you’d find in campground. They were clean and stylish, offering the comforts of modern amenities while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

There were two restaurants at the resort as well, both serving delicious and enviably fresh food. The second night of our stay we splurged on their massive ‘seafood tower’ and despite our best efforts, after an hour of nibbling away at it we retreated back to the room with incredibly full bellies and leftovers still on our plates.

While we didn’t end up doing a day tour to see the picturesque spots on the island, we still got an incredible glimpse of the beauty of Fraser from the beach nearby the resort. The water was crystal clear and offered the most incredible reflections at sunset.

It was certainly no wonder the island receives so much praise, with its scenic landscapes and rugged charm, Fraser made this birthday one for the books.

<3 Ash


Black Florals


I’ve mentioned many of times before that black is my favorite color to style because it helps any outfit look more put-together. But I still love finding ways to throw in a bit of color to my wardrobe, especially in the spring and summer time when everything is so bright and cheery!

For this look I decided to keep my entire outfit black except for my pair of bright floral statement shorts. By keeping the rest of my outfit as minimally distractive as possible it keeps the focus on what I wanted to be the main piece of this look: the shorts. I purchased them last year from Francesca’s, and they’re not only super cute but they’re incredible comfortable and airy making them perfect for summer. At first glance I truthfully thought they were a little much for me, and I couldn’t imagine what I’d wear with them. But after thinking about it I realized how simple they could be to style and I was sold!

Sadly they don’t have them in stock this year (at least not yet anyway!), but that’s my favorite part about this look: how easy it is to change-up and recreate. Just pick up a cute pair of floral shorts and then pair them with a black tee and shoes and you’re done! Or if you don’t like florals, you could apply the concept to any bold patterned shorts you wear. The key is just balancing the brightness with some neutrals so that there’s just the right amount of color. And adding a pop of color to your lips helps tie the whole look together!

If you’re looking for a way to add a little bit more color to your wardrobe for spring, this is a really easy way to do that! And I’d love to see your creations in the comments :).

Shorts (similar): Francesca’s / Forever 21 / Misguided

Top: Cotton On

Booties: Maurices

<3 Ash


Buxom True Hue Blushes || Review


I was browsing my local Sephora one afternoon when I came across these gorgeous blushes from Buxom. I’d never tried the brand before but one look at these beauties and I instantly fell in love!

I’ve had them for quite a while now and they’re easily two of my favorite blushes that I own. The first shade I bought is ‘Temptation’- a bright baby pink, and the second is ‘Euphoria’ a brilliant peachy-orange. I love that Buxom offers bolder colors like these, as I don’t feel like all brands embrace such bright shades as much as they could. And these two happen to be perfect for achieving a pretty spring flush on your cheeks.

The formula is silky smooth and has great color payoff that is easily build-able; so you can use it as just a quick flush of color on your cheeks or layer it up for a more noticeable look. And as always, I’m a sucker for good packaging and these won my heart with their simple elegance and efficient design.

I’ve been grabbing for these two especially frequently now that spring has sprung and will absolutely be buying more in the future.

What do you think of Buxom blushes and products?

<3 Ash


Gold Coast Photo Shoot

_73A1256_73A1263_73A1227_73A1223_73A1311_73A1301_73A9986_73A1369_73A0033_73A0032_73A0030_73A0029_73A1314_73A1358A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of modeling for a talented fellow student to help him finish a project for his photography class. I’ve always loved photography, both being behind the camera and in front of it, so when I had the opportunity to hit the beach and be a part of a fun photo shoot I was thrilled to take part!

After finishing hair and makeup at my place with Alicia the makeup artist, we headed to the Gold Coast Sand Jetty for the first set of locations to do the swim suit shots. And I must say, it was certainly no walk in the park like one might expect. The winds were incredibly gusty, which had its pros and cons for the shots, but meant my well curled hair was destroyed within the first 10 minutes of arriving. I guess it gave me a genuine beachy wave look though ;). I also managed to cut my arm while posing on the rocks, so we had to take a quick break for it to stop bleeding before continuing. And hardest of all was the lighthouse pose, where I had to try my hardest to keep my eyes open during the massive sprays of salt water that drenched me in 20 second intervals.

I’m saying all this not to complain, because despite the cold, wind, and water, I still had an absolute blast. But rather I want to say that walked away with a new respect for those in this profession, because you never know the work that went into getting that one perfect image.

The second round of photos went a bit more smoothly, as we left the Sand Jetty to drive to Currumbin beach to take some photos at sunset. Here the wind had settled to a gentle breeze, however, a storm was rapidly closing in and we had to rush a bit to get the photos before the rain picked up anymore than it already had. But the results I think were beautiful and the dress I got to wear looked perfect against the beach backdrop.

I used to take modeling classes when I was younger, but stopped when I lost the passion for it. However, this day at the beach reminded me what I loved about it in the first place and why I would love to one day try it again. I see modeling as an art form, where the human body is the muse and the photographer helps turn it into an artistic masterpiece. And I think there’s something quite special in being a part of that creative process.

Jing and Fausto, the photographer and the videographer, were fantastic the whole day. They were super easy to work with and helped make sure I was as comfortable as possible while we worked, making the experience so enjoyable. The first 12 photos are the raw edits from the shoot, and the last three are the ones Jing edited for his portfolio. I’m in love with how the final images turned out, and can’t thank them enough for everything!

<3 Ash



Whitsunday Islands


The picturesque Whitsunday islands are one of those dream vacation destinations that you pin repeatedly to your Pinterest travel board and hope one day you’ll have the luxury of going. So to say I spent a weekend sailing on a catamaran, snorkeling and diving in some of the most coveted waters in the world is truly a dream come true.

Aside from the breathtaking waters and colorful sea life, the Whitsundays are most known for the famous White Haven beach, appropriately named due to it’s incredibly pure white sand. It’s made of 98% silica that’s so pure NASA pays hefty Australian fines every decade or so to take several tonnes of it back to the states and use it in creating instruments such as the Hubble telescope. And from the beach lookout, you can see how exceptionally white and pure the sand is against the backdrop of the beautiful bright blue and green waters. Truly, the waters felt like they were from space, with rings of brilliant colors rippling out from the islands. The view was absolutely stunning.

Though there are day tours offered to see this beautiful beach, the best way to explore the Whitsundays is through overnight trips on a catamaran. There are boats to meet everyone’s needs, whether you want to make it a more intimate family experience or have a weekend long party onboard.

I chose to sail on the Adventurer, which was unique because it was one of the few boats that offered scuba diving and also came equipped with a jacuzzi on board. Plus it had the best meals to offer which was a big deciding factor (hey, a girl has got to eat!). And all things considered it ended up being a perfect fit for me! The crew was exceptional and made the trip even more enjoyable by their generous hospitality. Truthfully though, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the boats, as the trip is just so memorable that even if you paddled out on a blow-up raft you’d have the best time of your life.

I know I did :).

<3 Ash