Denim Dress

Denim Dress

You can never have too many denim pieces in your wardrobe! While the styles may fluctuate from year to year, denim itself never goes out of style. So of course I had to add this beautiful denim dress to my collection as soon as I saw it! I’ve been wearing it on repeat all season too, so it’s easily become one of my favorite staple items.

I love that it’s super casual with its frayed hems and cold shoulders, making it great for summertime. The material is much more lightweight than you’d expect as well, so you don’t get too hot whilst you wear it. It’s such a versatile denim piece, that you could easily style it a 100 different ways and never get bored! I wore it out around Mother’s Day at the Getty Museum, and I felt it was perfect! I could accessorize it easily to make it a teeny bit fancier, while still keeping it casual enough to walk around the park grounds and enjoy the flowers. Sadly, my mom picked this little beauty up while she was out of town, so I couldn’t tell you where to get one for yourself (sorry!!). But I loved it too much not to share!

Do you have any favorite denim pieces? Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more ways on how I’d style this denim dress!

<3 Ash


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