Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream

WOWWOWWOW.(!) By now I’m sure you’ve seen all the Buzzfeed articles featuring the Instagram-worthy magnificence that is the Museum of Ice Cream.  And my oh my can I say that it’s just as amazing in person as you’d hope!

If by some chance you haven’t heard of this ultra hipster destination, let me give you a little background. The MOIC first opened in New York as a small pop-up exhibit. And as the name suggests, the entire exhibit is all about (you guessed it!) ice cream! After wild success in New York, it moved cross-country to the capital of all hipster destinations, good old Los Angeles, where it will stay for the remainder of summer. Each room in this magically pop-up is designed with a specific theme related to ice cream. For example, there’s a banana room with scratch and sniff wall paper, a life-size popsicle sculpture room, a gummy bear room, and even an entire room dedicated to mint. And in most rooms, you’ll be treated with some sort of ice cream related snack such as actual gummy bears, mint mochi ice cream, or a pancake ice cream sandwich.

Perhaps what the exhibit is most famous for, however, is the giant sprinkles pool filled with thousands of plastic sprinkles that you can actually play in! It’s exactly as dreamy as it sounds and is sure to bring out the kid inside every adult. And to help make sure you can get some insta-worthy pics, they only let in a few people at a time to ensure you have the appropriate photo-taking environment ;).

The exhibit is forward moving, meaning once you leave a room you can’t come back, so guests usually spend quite a while taking pictures before moving on. Or in the case of my roommate and I, we spent at least 20 minutes in each room snapping photos while dozens of people passed us. Fun fact: by the time we got to the end, one of the co-founders recognized us and even exclaimed “You’re still here?!” LOL.

The admission price is a bit on the pricey side considering it’s a small exhibit, but if I had to do it all again, I’d go back in a heartbeat. You essentially earn your money back with all the treats you eat along the way, so I feel it’s worth it.

The Museum of Ice Cream is bright, trendy, colorful, unique, fantastical, and an all-around magical adventure that is sure to brighten your day and unleash your inner child! The whimsical exhibits are a sweet escape from reality and the endless photo opportunities are bound to give you a very enviable Instagram too ;).

<3 Ash



    • Ashley
      June 28, 2017 / 11:15 am

      It was seriously such a magical experience! 🙂

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