Fiona Stiles Matte Lip Crayon Trio

Fiona Stiles Matte Lip Crayon Trio

 I LOVE a good lip crayon and so when I discovered these beauties I knew I had to share! My mom actually bought them for me as a gift awhile back, and I had never actually heard of the Fiona Stiles makeup collection before. But just recently I remembered I had them in my makeup collection and decided to give them a try and I’m so glad I did because I’m hooked!

This set was a special that came with three different lip crayons in the colors Heliotrope (dark berry), Stoddard (deep red), and Rockaway (pinky-nude). All three are a beautiful matte finish as well.

What I love about lip crayons in generally is that I don’t feel I have to be as careful as I do when I’m putting on a lipstick. It feels more naturally to use a lip crayon than it does to apply a lipstick, so for my everyday makeup routine I tend to choose lip crayons more than other lip products. And what I love about the Fiona Stiles crayons especially is that the tip is so small that it makes it even easier to be precise without having to put a whole lot of effort in.

The formula goes on impressively smooth, and feels very soft and natural on the lips. And unlike many other lip products, I don’t find these ones to be nearly as drying, especially for a matte finish. I can wear it for several hours and it still feels soft on my lips. Another bonus is that they are quite long-lasting. I’ve only worn them about half a day at a time but between eating lunch, an afternoon snack, and spending a few hours walking around in the intense Arizona heat I still come home with my lips looking exactly how they did when I left. So that’s pretty dang good wear time in my book.

I believe this was a fall or winter set, so the colors are admittedly a bit dark for summertime. However, I have been wearing the nude shade Rockaway quite a lot lately since neutrals work well for any season. Additionally, there are 3 other colors offered that are much brighter and would be great for spring and summer. My only complaint is that they don’t have even more colors available, but perhaps that will change!

Now the best part of all is that these beauties are on sale right now here for $4. That’s right. Four. Dollars. Usually they go for $16 full-priced, but Ulta is having a killer deal on them that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Even drugstore lip products are usually $6-7 so this is a huge steal. For such a high quality product, I would recommend everyone go out and get at least one to try! I honestly believe you’ll be happy you did. I know that I’m definitely going to stock up on them while I can!

Have you tried any of the Fiona Stiles products? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Ash


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