Off-Shoulder Sweater Style

Off-Shoulder Sweater Style

Now I know it seems a bit odd to post about sweaters when it’s almost June, but it seems that outside of Arizona, several places missed the “summer” memo  and are still stuck in the chilly winter-spring transition phase. Last weekend I flew from Phoenix to Denver (where it was snowing?!) and finally to Kansas City where I discovered that I would not be needing any of the “just-in-case” summer clothing I packed because it would be freezing all weekend long. So sweaters and jeans were my go-to all week. These outfit pics were actually taken in L.A. when it was chillier, but since I recreated this style last week in KC, I thought I’d share now!

To give my outfits the essence of spring/summer, I wanted to incorporate some of the season’s trending styles. This bright orange sweater is super slouchy, so I wore it off one shoulder since that style is literally booming at the moment. I also really love pom-poms and tassels right now (I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea) and since I couldn’t wear them on a flirty pool cover-up, I opted to accessorize with them instead! I wear this tassel necklace with literally everything because it’s so easy to match with. And I have several pom-poms of different shapes and sizes that I can easily clip on or off  from my bags, which I LOVE. It’s such an easy way to customize every single outfit without costing hardly a thing! To dress up the whole look, I chose a low-heeled pair of nude booties, which are super comfy btw.

My whole week’s worth of outfits in KC pretty much followed this formula, so if anyone is still waiting on warmer weather to arrive in their hometown, here’s an easy way to embrace the spring/summer trends while you wait! Let me know in the comments what you think!

<3 Ash


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