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Trending Top

The cool winter weather is slowly giving way to warmer days, meaning that spring fashion is finally making its debut! There are so many amazing trends that are popular this year that it’s impossible to not like at least one of them! That’s why I love that this top incorporates two of the season’s most popular styles: an off-the-shoulder cut, and large, flowing bell sleeves.

This year’s trends have done great things for fashion tops. In the past, I’ve always found it difficult shopping for shirts because I always felt they were too plain and there was never enough variety. But this year the fashion gods have answered my prayers, because nearly every trend provides a bold, fun twist to standard tops. It’s all about showing some shoulder, boasting big sleeves, and embracing embroidery- and I’m hooked! That’s why I fell in love when I found this shoulder-bearing beauty with its bold sleeves; the two trends combined made for a gorgeous combination! And what I especially love is that it’s still simple enough to be worn as an every day look without seeming too over-the-top. That’s the beauty of these styles- they’re outspoken enough to be different while understated enough to blend in seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe.

To spice up this look for the weekend, I chose to pair it with black leggings and wedges to give it a more sophisticated vibe. And I chose a short, subtle necklace so that the top could speak for itself when I wore it.

Top: Angl

Leggings: Express

Wedges: Target

Bag: Boohoo

Sunglasses: Francesca’s

As spring continues to emerge, I can’t wait to try out even more styles and share them with you! What trends are you enjoying this year?

<3 Ash


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