Cozy Winter Essentials

Cozy Winter Essentials

Another new week, another fresh start!

Nobody particularly looks forward to Mondays (who wants to give up the weekend?!), but I’ve found that a successful Sunday will almost always make your Mondays that much more manageable. Spending a little extra time on Sunday to plan for the week ahead or give attention to the tasks that need it most can make the transition from the weekend into the week much smoother. For me, that generally means taking some me-time to recuperate, rejuvenate, and refresh my thoughts so that I feel able to take on a new week’s worth of challenges! I find that during the week I’m always so busy and on the go that I hardly ever give myself proper down-time. And being an introvert like myself, I need my alone time to regain energy and fuel my actions. So setting aside some time on Sunday to focus on my needs definitely helps me prep for the coming week.

To set up the perfect me-time, I always need to have a few essentials with me. First, being cozy and relaxed is my top priority so I’ll slip into something that’s comfortable, but still makes me feel good. My personal go-to comfy-and-confident combo is generally a lace bralette with some cozy PJ bottoms. I’m obsessed with bralettes because they add some extra flair to your standard bra, and they’re more socially acceptable to show off! And because it’s still winter, I love a good plaid flannel to match!

To add to the cozy ambience, I of course have to light a sweet smelling candle and sip some warm hot chocolate or tea. And to brighten my mood I’ll keep a vase of flowers nearby since I am a real flower addict. These things together provide the ultimate Sunday relaxation to help me unwind and prepare mentally for everything I have to do the following week. Spending even just 20 minutes like this gives me so much energy to be productive! Giving myself some well-deserved TLC on a cozy Sunday night definitely pays off come Monday morning.

What does your Sunday routine look like? How do you prep for Mondays? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Ash


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