Snowy Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

Snowy Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride


We had the most DREAMY Christmas Eve experience ever and I am so excited  to share the photos with you! My mom surprised us with an early Christmas present this year: we were driving to Flagstaff for a horse drawn sleigh ride through a snowy forest!

I personally can’t even remember the last time I saw snow since living in Arizona and studying in California. The warm weather has its perks, but around the holiday season there’s nothing like watching the lush white snowflakes silently fall and cover the winter landscape. Lucky for us, it’s only a short drive away to see a dazzling snow-filled wonderland, thanks to the ornate mountains in northern Arizona.

The sleigh-ride took place on a private landscape at a cute mom-and-pop ranch tucked away just off the highway. They owned 60 acres of land and over a hundred horses, which they used to pull their horse drawn ‘sleigh’. Of course the sleigh was simply a well-decorated tractor with hay bales and blankets strewn across it, however, anything more frilly would’ve seemed out of place in the minimalist forest scenery we were surrounded by.

A heavy blizzard was coming down by the time we arrived for our ride, but it honestly made the experience so much more magical! Snow was densely falling and rapidly covering the nature in a blanket of delicate elegance. It felt like we were the only ones in the world in that moment, as the thick storm engulfed us into the forest and hid us from everything else nearby. The horses seemed to enjoy the snowfall too, as they whinnied and neighed and rolled around in their new dusty white terrain.

It was absolutely freezing, but none of us seemed to notice until the experience was over and we were in the car heading back home. Only then did we remember our bright pink ears and our frozen hair. As much as I enjoyed the snow, I was thankful I could come back to warmer (and safer!) conditions and allow the snow to be a spectacle for special occasions. I think this way it never loses its magic.

I hope that your Christmas was just as magical as ours!

<3 Ash


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  1. Tracy Sykora
    December 29, 2016 / 8:07 am

    This was a very beautiful and magical experience. I honestly don’t remember anything like it since we’ve moved from Illinois. God’s beauty is definitely amazing! As you though, I’m definitely happy it’s a short drive away but glad to be back home in warmer temps.

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