Hugging a Koala

Hugging a Koala


When in Australia, there are a few things that you simply have to do before you leave, and one of those things includes getting to hold a Koala. Luckily the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, the only sanctuary in all of Australia that allows you to hold one yourself, was just a short drive from where I was staying in Brisbane. So when my brother came to visit, we decided it was only right to give him the full Australian experience and interact with the wildlife.

Just like on Phillip Island in Melbourne (which you can read about here), Lone Pine also allows you to hand feed the kangaroos, which has been one of my FAVORITE experiences being abroad. Instead of having a small trail to follow however, Lone Pine let you into a large open pen full of kangaroos eagerly ready to come up to you and be fed. It was so funny and sweet to see my brother drop his cool for a second and adopt that high-pitched “I’m talking to something cute” voice while the kangaroos were eating out of his hand. The kangaroos also shared a pen with a few large emus and thanks to the insider tips from a nice passerby; we learned the secret to get one to cuddle right up to you!

But of course the star attraction at Lone Pine is the koalas, which were all surprisingly extremely awake while we were there. For an animal that sleeps an average of 20 hours a day, we were quite excited that they were so active while we were there. We watched them eat, climb around, and play with each other. In my entire time in Australia I’d only seen one or two koalas awake, so it was incredible to see 20 awake and interacting at the same time!

My brother and I each got to hold our own Koala, his was a girl and mine was a boy, and they were so calm and relaxed. We also thought it was nice that they switched out the koalas so that they weren’t just tiring out one of them; they were rotating them so all the animals got a nice break. Plus the experience included photos so we can always remember it!

If you’re ever in Australia, this is an activity you can’t pass up! Lone Pine is a much more interactive experience than you’re average zoo, and you’re guaranteed to leave with a big smile on your face, feelin’ like a true Aussie :).

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