Casual 4th of July

Casual 4th of July



Happy 4th of July everyone!

Independence day has always been my brother’s favorite holiday, and luckily I made it back from Australia just in time to celebrate it at home. Since the temperatures are well above 100 degrees here in Arizona it was an easy decision to spend the day relaxing and cooling off at the pool. The water was almost like bath water it had been warmed so much, but it still felt much nicer than the surrounding air so we opted to lay out on our pool floats where we could stay cool and still get a nice tan ;).

After the pool, Matt and I took a little road trip around the town to find the best deals on fireworks to light off later in the evening. And getting to blow off fireworks is definitely an easy way to make Monday a little more manageable ;). My favorite buys were a firework called ‘Black Beard’ that came with a free eye patch (how neat and random!), & a set of four fountains called ‘Great Barrier Reef’ (which I thought was extremely fitting for obvious reasons).

We had a small cookout for dinner including Italian sausages and an all-American apple pie for dessert. Then once the sun set we headed to the porch to watch all the neighbors’ firework shows and light off some of our own. Our dogs however, were not as excited about the festivities and hid under the bed the entire night instead. When the celebrations were over we made sure to give them extra cuddles and treats to make up for their scary night.

It was a very casual and laid-back day, but the quality family time and wholesome relaxation was much enjoyed. It was one of those quiet days that will be remembered and appreciated for its pure simplicity :).

How did you celebrate the 4th? I hope that it was lovely!

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