Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Brisbane Botanic Gardens


I have always had a bit of a green thumb thanks to my aunt and grandma always encouraging me to help in their gardening when I was little. Now I’ve grown up with a great appreciation for flowers, green plants, and the beauty of nature, so visiting the Brisbane Botanic Gardens was a must-do since I first arrived in Australia!

The day was perfectly overcast making it a lovely temperature for some light walking in the afternoon. There was a wonderful assortment of flowers and plants, from tropical assortments to plants native to Australia. One of my favorite sections was the Japanese Garden, which was a beautifully serene area with delicate blooms, quiet waterfalls, and several bridges and benches so you could explore and view the area from every angle. I also loved their “Kitchen in the Garden” section where they grew an assortment of herbs and fruit trees to encourage people to rethink the traditional uses for their lawns to make them more practical and beneficial to your everyday life.

Albeit winter currently, it was only slightly chilly when I visited so I settled on tights, a tee shirt dress, and my trusty converse since I’d be doing a fair amount of walking. After buying my last mustard colored dress (which you can find here), I fell in love with this unique shade and purchased another dress in the same color. And I’m a firm believer that Converse go with anything, so I had no reservations on pairing them with the dress. I only added a few accessories, my sunglasses and a pink gemstone necklace, to keep the look flirty but still quite casual.

At the end of the day we walked up to the Mt. Cootha lookout that’s at the edge of the Botanic Gardens to enjoy a beautiful scenic view of the city at sunset.

Dress: Boohoo

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Sunglasses: Target

Have you spent some time in nature yet this summer?

<3 Ash


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