24 Hours in Brisbane, Australia

24 Hours in Brisbane, Australia

The last two weeks were very exciting for me, as after four months of long-distance Quinn finished up the semester and came to visit me for my birthday! The first few days he was in town we took a trip to Fraser Island, which I wrote all about herebut once we returned back to my house in Brisbane I decided I wanted to spend a full day showing him around the city. Since he was in town for nearly two weeks we took a more leisurely approach to the activities, however, our time in the city inspired me to adapt our itinerary so that anyone could use it. After making a few tweaks, I think I’ve created the perfect plan to spend 24 Hours exploring everything that the beautiful Brisbane has to offer!

Start the day by having an early breakfast at Pancake Manor on Charlotte St. As the name suggests, this cute 24/7 diner is known for their deliciously filling pancakes of every variety you could imagine. It’s definitely worth getting out of bed for!

After breakfast, take a short stroll over to the Queen Street Mall and enjoy the beautiful weather while you shop at Brisbane’s most popular shopping centre. The outdoor mall hosts over 700 stores and has everything from small tourist shops to luxury brands so there’s bound to be something for everyone.




When you’ve finished shopping, follow Queen Street to the Victoria bridge and cross over into the South Bank Parklands. Here you can enjoy a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane, take pictures at the famous Brisbane sign, admire the scenic views across the river, and stroll under shining archways intwined with beautiful pink flower blossoms. When you reach the heart of the Parklands you also have the chance to unwind for a bit in Brisbane’s man-made beach that overlooks the city.


For a more affordable lunch option, choose from one of the many takeaway cafes in South Bank like Burger Urge or Cactus Republic. And for dessert, stop into Max Brenner for a brownie sundae, some mouth-watering fondue, or a deliciously rich, thick Italian hot-chocolate. You’ll thank me for that one later ;).



From the South Bank station, catch a bus to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. A trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without an encounter with one of these fuzzy creatures, and Lone Pine is the only sanctuary in all of Australia that allows you to hold one up close. When you’ve had your daily fill of cuteness, then take the short bus ride over to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and enjoy some scenic nature before walking to the Mt. Cootha lookout to enjoy some of the best views of Brisbane at sunset.

Finish off the day by eating at the British- style Pig ‘N’ Whistle Pub in nearby Indooroopilly. Enjoy a nice steak or some pasta with wine while enjoying the lively atmosphere. And for dessert, I highly recommend the panna cotta! And with that, you can retreat back to your hotel with a full belly and a happy heart. 🙂

<3 Ash


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