My 21st Birthday || Fraser Island

My 21st Birthday || Fraser Island


If it wasn’t already incredible enough that I got to spend my 21st birthday in Australia, it was made even more special by the fact that my boyfriend Quinn flew all the way out to see me! The day after he arrived we rented a car and drove up the Sunshine Coast before catching a ferry to Fraser Island, where we’d be staying at the Kingfisher Bay Resort for the next few days.

The cabin-style resort is located just a few hundred meters from the dock, tucked away in the luscious island landscape. It is a secluded escape into beautiful scenery while still offering easy access to the beaches and bars nearby. In addition to the beaches nearby, the resort also has its own pool for those wishing to lounge in the sun without getting sand where they didn’t want it.

The rooms are accessible via outdoor walkways which adds to the outdoorsy feel, however, the rooms are far from what you’d find in campground. They were clean and stylish, offering the comforts of modern amenities while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

There were two restaurants at the resort as well, both serving delicious and enviably fresh food. The second night of our stay we splurged on their massive ‘seafood tower’ and despite our best efforts, after an hour of nibbling away at it we retreated back to the room with incredibly full bellies and leftovers still on our plates.

While we didn’t end up doing a day tour to see the picturesque spots on the island, we still got an incredible glimpse of the beauty of Fraser from the beach nearby the resort. The water was crystal clear and offered the most incredible reflections at sunset.

It was certainly no wonder the island receives so much praise, with its scenic landscapes and rugged charm, Fraser made this birthday one for the books.

<3 Ash



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