New Spring Beauty Products

Spring is finally just around the corner now and it seems to be bringing an exceptionally great assortment of beauty products with it. This time of year is one of my favorites for new product releases as brands bring out such bright, colorful products to match the beautiful blooming new season. So I decided to do write this post to highlight some new product releases that I’m excited to give a try! So here are 30 products by an assortment of my favorite brands (listed alphabetically) and what I’m looking forward to about them most!



Insta-matte lipstick transformer: I love a good matte lip, and getting to use my favorite glossy colors as a matte sounds almost too good to be true! But with all the positive reviews it seems this product could be exactly what we never knew we needed.

L.A. Lights blush and highlight palette: Beautiful, simple, and available in three different color schemes. Looks like the perfect travel companion!

Photo-matte eyes palette: The Full Exposure palette has me loving Smashbox eyeshadows at the moment so I have high hopes for this gorgeous all-matte palette. I could easily see myself wearing all of these colors and the assortment seems easy to use for day or night.



Perfect Me, Perfect Hue- fair/light palette: Another great palette for travel with its sleek packaging and eye/cheek combos. I felt these colors would be perfect for spring.

Perfect Me, Perfect Hue- light/medium palette: This palette with its slightly darker hues I felt would be perfect for a night out or in the summertime when my skin is a bit tanner than usual.

Color correcting palette: Color correctors are increasing in popularity and this one seems to have a little bit of everything to even out your skin tone.



Skin twinkle lighting palette: Who doesn’t want a bit of twinkle on their skin? 😉  Especially when the colors look this gorgeous!

Wipeout color correcting palette: This palette offers a little less variety than the Stila one, however, it’s larger size means more product which will be good when I know I’d use a lot of the green to cover redness.

Tarteist glossy lip paint: Their matte lip paint was a huge hit so I’d love to see how the glossy paints turn out!

Rainforest of the Sea aquacealer concealer: A 12-hour concealer with a lightweight formula is exactly what I need in the spring and summer weather.

Lipsaver treatment primer: Even the most moisturizing lipsticks still dry out my lips a bit, so I love that this is a primer that also treats and smoothes lips.

Rainforest of the Sea water foundation: I love that Tarte finally came out with a liquid foundation! I think the lightweight formula will be perfect in the summer heat.

Tarteist lash paint mascara: I love their other mascaras and heard many great things about this one so I had to add it to the list!

Tarteist blush palette: Four beautiful shades, a sleek package design, a huge mirror, what’s not to love?

Drink of H2O: Moisturizers are a must for me in the summer to prevent the sun from damaging my skin, and this one looks so refreshing and I know it’s made with only the best ingredients!


Too Faced


Sweethearts bronzerThe first of its kind from Too Faced! Too Faced bronzers are incredible and I have no doubt that this one will live up to that reputation!

Melted matte lipstick: I’ve been waiting for them to make a liquid matte lipstick and they’ve finally done it! And they’ve created some beautiful bright shades as well as some gorgeous pinky nudes that look perfect for the season.

Peanut butter and jelly eyeshadow paletteIt’s adorable, has some beautiful gold, bronzy shades, and it smells like peanut butter!

Sweet peach eyeshadow palette: Another seriously gorgeous palette by Too Faced with perfect spring hues and, of course, it smells of delicious ripe peaches.

Better than sex waterproof mascaraThe original Better than Sex is my go-to mascara so the waterproof version is a must-have for my makeup collection!

Sweethearts blushThe blush itself isn’t new but they’ve introduced a new shade, Sparkling Bellini, that looks absolutely beautiful for summertime!

Urban Decay


Naked skin one and done: I’m currently obsessed with the Naked concealer because of how flawless it makes my skin, so the idea of this all over skin perfecter sounds like the perfect makeup base.

Beached bronzer: The packaging looks too cute and the bronzer looks like the perfect size and color to quickly sweep an all-over glow onto your face.

Afterglow highlighter: These come in three shimmery shades that just look absolutely stunning. The highlighter in my Naked Flushed palette works like a dream so I’m excited to try these individual ones!

Gwen Stefani lipstick: These aren’t a super-new release, but those bright colors just look perfect for a bold summer lip.



Coral spectrum blush palette: I’ve yet to try any makeup products from Zoeva but after seeing this palette I feel it’s time I start! Again another sleek, pretty palette that would be perfect for travel.

Rose golden blush palette: I love 3-in-1 palettes because it makes my morning routine a breeze when I don’t have to think about which product combinations I want to use. And the simplicity of this one is blissful.

Nude spectrum blush palette: This seems like the perfect bronzing contour palette to me!

Nude spectrum eyeshadow palette: Just look at those beautiful gold & copper shimmery shades! They’re too good not to own!

Rose golden luxury set vol. 3: Zoeva is known for their incredible brush sets and after the hugely successful Rose golden vol. 1 & 2 sets, I know that vol. 3 is going to exceed expectations as well!

This was a bit of a long post but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the exciting new product releases for spring & summer, as well as my little anecdotes on why I’m looking forward to trying each one!

If you’ve given any of these a try yet I’d love to hear your thoughts about them! And be sure to leave a comment about any other new products you’ve seen out and are excited for!

<3 Ash


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