Park Ave Princess Contour Palette || Review

Park Ave Princess Contour Palette || Review


If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts then you’ll know I’ve been doing quite a lot of traveling around Australia lately. And when packing for all these mini trips, I’ve had a consistent handful of products that always end up in my travel bag because their convenience is perfect when I’m stuffing everything into a small carry on. I’ve mentioned before a few of my favorite travel products (you can read about them here and here) and today I’m going to add one more to the mix: the Park Ave Princess contour palette from Tarte.

This palette comes with a full size matte bronzer as well as a shimmery blush/ highlight duo. There are two volumes of this palette, with the major difference being the color of the blush. In original palette, the blush is a pale baby pink color, and in Vol. II the blush is a darker peachy pink. The highlighter in Vol. II is also a bit more gold tinted than in the original. Because of my skin tone and the summery weather in Australia I opted for the second palette, but I think the first one would be beautiful on lighter skin tones and during the winter when everyone is a bit more pale anyway.

As with practically everything I own from Tarte, each product in the palette is exactly the high quality you’d expect and the color pay-off is perfect. The bronzer has a great build-able color that makes it easy to contour with, but is also great for simply adding an all-over warmth to the face as well. Plus the golden touches in the highlighter make it perfect for adding a summery glow to the skin.

Although this palette is technically designed for contouring, I don’t often spend the time to properly contour my face, so I typically just use it as part of my everyday makeup routine. It’s especially perfect for traveling as the three-in-one design includes all the products I need to finish my face as well as a super convenient large mirror. Plus the packaging is quite thin and sleek so it fits easily inside all my travel bags without taking up much space.

I find that having one palette with all the products I need makes my morning routine go much quicker too, because I don’t have to think about what combination of makeup I want to use, everything is right there for me so I can apply and go. So if you want an easy all-in-one face palette, the Park Ave Princess one would make a beautiful edition to your makeup collection.

Park Ave Princess Original

Park Ave Princess Vol. II

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