Eat Street

Eat Street

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*Note: Photos are not my own. All are taken from the official Eat Street website.

I think anyone who’s travelled can agree that one of the best perks of traveling is getting to try all the different exotic foods. And in Brisbane there’s certainly no shortage of restaurants, cafes, and markets to choose from! Of all the places recommended to me since arriving, the Eat Street Markets has consistently been a suggested favorite, so I finally decided last night to head to the wharf and experience it for myself.

After all the good reviews, I had pretty high expectations, and I’m happy to say that it definitely lived up to all the hype! When you walk into the markets your senses are immediately overwhelmed with the sight and smells of an array of culinary options. From Vietnamese, to Dutch food, the different possibilities are endless! Perhaps one of my favorite elements of Eat Street however, was the ever-changing atmosphere. The markets are densely packed together in a maze like pattern, making it so instead of having one centralized area of entertainment, there are several scattered throughout the market. On one stage was a band playing smooth, relaxing tunes which eventually subdued into the sounds of an upbeat group playing modern hits the further into the market you walked.

I opted for a Japanese meal with white rice and honey-soy beef which was incredibly flavorful and filling. And for dessert I chose the Moulin Rouge from Miss Claudes- a sweet crepe filled with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries and topped with ice cream. It was absolute heaven!

And for the vegans and vegetarians out there, there’s an array of savory and sweet options to tickle your tastebuds too, so you don’t have to miss out!

My only complaint about Eat Street is that it’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights! In the winter months you can also go on Sunday afternoon, which I imagine is slightly less crowded than the busy nightlife scene it currently attracts, so that would be a fun experience as well.

If you’re ever in Brisbane, Eat Street is a must-stop attraction for all foodies! I’d recommend getting there early and on an empty stomach so you can appreciate the variety of options and taste all the different cuisine there is to offer. Going with friends would be even better, as you could all try different foods and share them to get the most out of the experience!

It may have only been my first experience in Eat Street, but it certainly won’t be my last! It was definitely a do-again experience!

<3 Ash



  1. Janice Sacramento
    March 7, 2016 / 5:40 am

    Sounds really good. I like when you share the culture and your experirnces. I can picture it.

    • March 7, 2016 / 10:20 am

      Thank you! I try to be descriptive for that reason! I want everyone to picture it 🙂

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