Wellington Point

Wellington Point


Hello lovelies!

Today was a special day as I got to join QUEST (the exchange student social club) on a trip with UQ’s sailing club to Wellington Point. And although Wellington Point is by no means the best beach in Brisbane, it was still an enjoyable afternoon at sea.

It takes about 45 minutes to get to Wellington Point from Brisbane’s city centre. And one of the first things you’ll notice when driving into the suburb is how well maintained and modern many of the houses look in comparison to the suburbs near St. Lucia. Of course, beach front property is supposed to be exquisite anyhow, but the unique architectural designs and modern twists to the housing made them especially enviable.

The beach itself at Wellington Point is quite small. In fact, it reminded me more of the “beaches” near the lakes where my grandmother lives in Illinois than it did of an oceanside beach. There was a small park and many shaded trees situated in a large grassy opening that led into a small sand clearing, and finally the water.

Despite the beach’s size, the wind and water combination in the area make it the perfect destination for sailing, so we took turns in groups to head out into the waters on small sailboats. The trip was incredibly relaxing and we were able to travel considerably fast to and from the beach and the small island just out into the water.

For those who didn’t want to sail, there was a large sand pathway in the ocean that enabled you to walk directly from the beach to the island without ever having water go past your knees. In the low tide (seen in the photo above), the entire pathway was above water creating a beautiful scenic walk through the ocean.

There isn’t anything particularly exciting about the island itself, except that its sandy region is much larger giving it a more “beachy” feel, and it’s isolated from the bustle of the main beach area so it’s a lot quieter there as well.

After a few sailing adventures, a barbecue lunch, and many hours of relaxing on the oceanside, we ended the day with a refreshing ice cream cone from the shop near the park. I’m a sucker for sweets, so I was very excited when the possibility of ice cream presented itself.

If you’re only in Brisbane a short time, I’ll be honest and say Wellington Point is a place you can skip seeing. However, if you’re traveling through Australia with a lot of time on your hands, it’s a nice place to stop with friends and enjoy an afternoon if you’re looking for a quiet beach without so many tourists. Just be sure to arrive after 12 or 1 so that the low tide expands the beachfront.

P.S. Wherever you go in Australia, DON’T forget the sunscreen, and apply it OFTEN! (Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this.)

<3 Ash


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