Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

It seems it’s that time of year again to open up the windows, let some cool air in, and begin the process of spring-cleaning. For me, these projects are one of my favorite parts of spring: organizing clutter and tossing out the old to transform a space into something new, fresh, and efficient for living. But I know not everyone shares this enthusiasm for cleaning out their house; for some the idea of spring-cleaning can be quite intimidating. However, with a strong game plan and the right attitude I think it can actually be fun.

One of the first places I like to start the organizing process is in the closet. And after years of doing this I’ve devised a fool-proof process of going through my clothing to make sure I’m 100% satisfied with everything that remains. To effectively scan through everything I own, I go through my clothes in five separate scans, and each time I focus on a different category to help guide me on what I should keep versus toss. And after I’ve gone through all five categories, I’m always left with a wardrobe full of clothes I genuinely enjoy wearing and feel happy to look at in my closet (meaning no more “I have nothing to wear” catastrophes!). If you’re planning on going through your wardrobe and want to give my method a shot, I’ve listed below the five categories of clothing to toss out.

What to get rid of:

  1. Things you simply don’t like anymore. This is the easiest step. Just quickly look through your closet and anything that you don’t like anymore simply toss into the donate pile.
  2. Things that don’t fit. This is a no brainer. If it doesn’t fit anymore, it’s time to donate it. Whether it’s too big or too small, there’s no point in keeping something around because you hope to fit into it later. You’ll only end up gazing into your closet unhappily because you can’t comfortably wear most of your clothes.
  3. Anything that is too worn. This is a hard, but necessary step. It can be difficult to decide to donate that favorite hoodie of yours that you wear three times a week. But if it’s got holes, stains, an odd smell in the armpits, or is coming apart at the seams, it’s probably best to throw it away (as you don’t want to donate anything in bad condition). If it has sentimental value and you can’t toss it out, consider repurposing it into a pillow or a quilt so you can still enjoy it without necessarily wearing it.
  4. Your “cop-out” clothes. These are probably the same five articles of clothing that you always wear in rotation. The clothes that you choose because they’re easy, but they don’t necessarily make you feel your best when you wear them. In creating a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe that you love, these are the clothes that definitely need to go. For me, these were all my t-shirts. I would choose them on mornings I didn’t want to think about what I wanted to wear, and then would immediately regret it the rest of the day when I felt sloppy and underdressed, wishing I was wearing something a bit nicer. To help boost my daily mood, I decided to keep a few tees for sleeping and get rid of the rest in exchange for some more fitted, comfy V-necks. Now when I choose my clothes in a rush I feel much more confident and put together than I did wearing old tees from my high school track days.
  5. Those things you swear you’ll wear but never do. We all have a few items like this. That top you found in the store and fell in love with but it still has the tags on after two years because you’ve never worn it. The thing is, just because something is cute doesn’t mean it’s necessarily your The trick to deciding whether something is worth keeping is to try and imagine a whole outfit (at least 4 items, including accessories) with items you already own. And bonus tip: imagine an outfit that you would feel comfortable taking pictures in. If you can do that, then you’re in the clear to keep that article of clothing. However, if it’s hard to picture a complete outfit now, odds are you won’t come up with something later either, so it’s best to just toss it now to make room for clothes you actually will wear.

Hopefully for anyone tackling spring cleaning projects over the weekend this post will help you de-clutter your wardrobe! I’ve been following these steps to clear out my own closet before leaving for Australia and I am quite satisfied with the end result.

If you have any other tips to offer, be sure to leave them in the comments!

<3 Ash



  1. Janice Sacramento
    February 5, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    Good tips. Think I will try it when I get back home as I have a lot of clothes that have to go. It is amazing how few things I packed for four months in Las Vegas and get along just fine.

    • February 7, 2016 / 8:00 pm

      Thanks! I’ve been choosing what to pack with me to Australia and came up with this method, it’s worked great!

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