Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brushes Review

Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brushes Review



In addition to my Sephora makeup brushes (which you can read about here), I also received these Eco Tools eyeshadow brushes for Christmas. I am a strong believer that you can never have too many makeup brushes, especially when you like to mix up your look a lot, because it’s always better to work with a clean brush if you’re putting a different product on it. And let’s face it, we don’t all have a ton of free time to be constantly washing our makeup brushes, so it’s very convenient to have a lot of spares on hand just in case.

These Eco Tools brushes that I got came in two sets: the Essential Eye set included the five smaller brushes, and the Eye Enhancing Duo set came with the two dual-ended brushes. The bristles in both sets are very high quality: they’re extremely soft and don’t shed at all when I wash or use them. The latter I feel is especially important, as I’ve had several cheaper brush sets that shed not only when I wash them, but also leave behind little hairs when I’m putting on my makeup which is quite annoying. So I was impressed that for ~$2 a brush, these ones don’t shed a bit.

As for the brushes that are included, between both sets I think you have a great starters kit for eyeshadow. For the next bit I’ve broken down each set to let you know the best uses I’ve found for the brushes.

In the Essential Eye set:

  • Large eye brush: This is a great brush to apply a base all over your lid as its very big and fluffy. I also like using it to gently blend the edges of my eyeshadow.
  • Angled crease brush: I’m still trying to master different eye shadow techniques, so I find this brush a little big for me to apply crease shadow with. But it does make a great blending brush.
  • Petite eye shading brush: I use this small brush for my crease, as I find the crease color is the easiest to mess up so I like to have more control, which I get with a smaller brush.
  • Highlighting brush: This brush does work great for highlight and also for blending.
  • Smudge brush: I use this brush to smudge my eyeliner, put shadow under my eyes, and also to put a bit more concentrated color in my crease.

In the Eye Enhancing Duo set:

  • Shade & Define brush: This brush does well at what it’s designed for. The domed fluffy end I use as a base eyeshadow brush and also for packing color onto the lid. And the define side does a great job of shaping my brows.
  • Blend & Smudge brush: Again, I’ve mostly used this brush according to its purpose. The fluffy tapered brush is perfect for blending, and I use this smudge brush the same as I do the one in the Essential Eye set.

Of course, everybody uses their brushes differently, this is just how I’ve found they worked best for me. Feel free to experiment with them on your own to see how you like them best!

Though I mostly have all good things to say about these sets, there were just a few slight cons I had. First, the brushes in the Essential Eye set are a bit smaller than I’d usually prefer. For traveling the small size would be perfect, but for everyday use I would like it if they were just a bit longer. Second, even though the brushes in the Duo set are longer, I’m not always a huge fan of dual-ending brushes just for sanitation reasons. When I put my brush in my makeup holder, I don’t like it standing on the end that’s going to be touching my eye, which is inevitable when both ends have a brush head. Lastly, I did find just a few small cracks in the handle of one of my brushes, assumably from water that got into it while I was washing it. So I’ll have to be a bit more careful with that.

Overall these brushes are great quality for the price. You can get all these brushes for less than $20 and you’d have one of every kind of eye shadow brush you’d need to get the job done. I haven’t had them long enough to say how sturdy or long-lasting they’d be, but in the few months I’ve had them there hasn’t been any significant problems, and truthfully, if they did break, it would be very cheap to replace them.

So if you’re looking for quality drugstore eyeshadow brushes, these sets from Eco Tools are a great buy. They’ll do the job nicely without breaking your bank, which is all a girl can ask for ;).

Shop them here:

Essential Eye Set // Eye Enhancing Duo Set

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  1. January 26, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    Wish to have that collection!!!

    • January 28, 2016 / 5:13 pm

      It’s a nice one, and super inexpensive!

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