Birthday Dinner Downtown

Birthday Dinner Downtown







I believe I’ve found my new favorite place in L.A.

I came across last Saturday when my roommates (Carol and Courtney), Richard (Courtney’s boyfriend), Quinn (my boyfriend) and I all went out for a birthday celebration. As coincidence would have it, Richard and Quinn happen to share the same birthday, which makes it easy on us girls because we can always plan  joint celebration. And this year we decided to celebrate at Bottega Louie and frankly, I’m pretty sure it felt like my birthday when it was over!

Even from the street I knew it was going to be heaven; the large open windows were lined with rows of beautifully decorated cakes and sweets. When you first walk through the doors you’re greeted head on with rows and rows of colorful macarons in nearly every flavor. And just around the corner there’s a large glass counter showcasing all the decadent desserts you could dream of, garnished with such precision and detail some of them don’t even look real. I was so excited by how beautiful everything was, I missed the part where we were ready to be seated and the waiter joked that “Ashley needs to get it together” ha!

The dinner itself was delicious as well, but for me, the desserts were undoubtedly the focus of the experience. As it is a much more high-scale restaurant, I don’t think I’ll find myself going there too often to order a regular meal, I’ll just keep it in my pocket for special occasions. But I can definitely see me making more frequent trips to their store to stock up on goodies to satisfy my sweet tooth ;).

If you ever visit Los Angeles, I would highly recommend coming to Bottega Louie if not for dinner, at least for dessert. The assortment of sweets they offer are endless, and after personally trying so many of them (I regret nothing hehe) I can tell you from experience that you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. And for it to be a luxurious restaurant the prices are actually rather reasonable.

Have you ever been to Bottega Louie? What are your favorite restaurants in your town?

<3 Ash


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