Halloween Recap

Halloween Recap





Last night while most college students were attending parties on campus, I had a much different experience as my friends and I went to Avant Garde magazine’s Halloween Masquerade Ball and assisted fashion designer Sue Wong once again. We previously helped her last year during LA Fashion Week (which you can read about here) and we were contacted again to help assist with her models during the masquerade on Saturday.

Even though it was a very untraditional way to spend Halloween (I am sure not many would chose to volunteer instead of going out), we all agreed it was a very enjoyable time. The girls and I worked closely with the models and had a lovely time chatting with them during dress changes and getting to know each of them better. They were all incredibly friendly and sweet, and a pleasure to work with. And for those who think a model’s job isn’t hard, I can assure you that after standing on a platform in 5 inch heels bearing the weight of massive headdresses for four hours straight, they were all in need of  good night’s rest. Impressively though, they kept up a great attitude throughout the night and still had as genuine of a smile at the end as they did when they started.

Sue Wong’s portion of the party was a huge success. The guests clearly enjoyed interacting with the models, and transitioning dresses every hour kept things unique and exciting and created endless opportunities for new photo ops. Avant Garde was lacking organization on their end, but overall I think if you showed up early while there was still plenty of food and drinks you had a good time. We had a chance to enjoy the party for ourselves after finishing our work and we had a great time listening to the music and eating some delicious cake.

It was a long night but certainly a fun one! Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween as well! Now onto all things Thanksgiving and Christmas! 😉

<3 Ash


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