Lip Sync Battle Filming

There are of course many things I love about living in LA, but one of my favorites is how   close I am to all the excitement of Hollywood. And living that close comes with several perks, including the opportunity to be in the audience of popular TV shows, which is exactly where I was this weekend.

Firstly, if you’ve never heard of 1iota, stop what you’re doing, go to their website, and sign up. It’s a free website that connects fans with tickets to be in the audience of tons of popular shows. And it’s completely safe and reliable; I’ve used it twice myself and several of my friends have used it to be in the audience of American Idol and The Voice, so we can vouch for its legitimacy. Of course, its only beneficial if you live near the recording studios, but for those who do it’s truly a great opportunity and experience for fans.

This weekend was no exception to that great experience. Quinn and I spent all day Saturday at Sony Studios for the filming and although there was a lot of waiting in line at first, it was definitely worth the wait. Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J were so funny and down-to-earth in person, and seemed like completely ordinary people when talking with us. There was even a point between takes where we all broke out into a highly off-pitched, but very passionate rendition of Don’t Stop Believing (because even celebrities can’t resist singing along to this Journey classic it seems). Sadly, I can’t disclose any information about who was on the show or who won, but I can guarantee when it comes out you’ll see video clips from the episode trending all over the internet because it is amazing. It’s full of laughter and lots of surprises that will have you thinking “Did that really just happen?!” on multiple occasions. It was an incredible show to watch and be a part of.

I’m not sure when its official air date will be but I can certainly put out an update when they announce it! You won’t want to miss it!

<3 Ash


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