Not-so-Perfekt Review

Not-so-Perfekt Review

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Most often when I choose to review products it’s because they impressed me or surprised me or “wow”-ed me in some way that I found worthy of mentioning and recommending here on my blog. Today though I chose to share some products from the brand Perfekt that I found not-so-impressive so as to maybe save a few others from buying something that doesn’t quite live up to its hype.

The two products I tried were the Lash Perfection Gel and the Skin Perfection Gel which I purchased at Beauty Brands. Now my first impression of both of these was that they were both very expensive. Fortunately, I didn’t actually pay for them because of a special Beauty Brands had between the salon and beauty items when I went to have my hair done, because otherwise I most likely wouldn’t have picked them up. The price was definitely steep for products I didn’t know much about; the Skin Perfection Gel runs at $48 and the Lash Perfection Gel is $28.50. But since the opportunity presented itself for me to get it without the cost, I figured there was no harm in trying.

So first up for review is the Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous. The product claims to be an all-in-one easy alternative to foundation, primer, color corrector, and powder as it goes on as a gel then supposedly dries to a powdery finish. Essentially it markets itself as a skin miracle worker that blurs pores, erases fine lines, corrects discoloration, and leaves skin with a flawless airbrushed finish. However, in my honest experience, I don’t feel as though it did any of those things. You’re supposed to pat it on your face, not rub it in, but even doing so I don’t feel as though I noticed any difference in my blemishes, pore size, or redness. The coverage was almost completely sheer and it felt no different than a silicone gel primer. Now I wondered if this was because the shade I got was too light for my skin tone, but after reading some more reviews online I saw that several others got the darkest shade and still shared in my sentiment. Needless to say, I was definitely disappointed with this product because for the price it retails at you’d expect it to do at least something significant to your skin, and of all the times I’ve used it I haven’t even noticed a difference.

On that note, we move onto the Lash Perfection Gel. Fortunately, my experience with the mascara was better, as I felt the product did its job. It didn’t clump but rather separated my lashes nicely and made them look longer. But I don’t feel that it made my lashes look exceptionally better than other mascaras have. What it does do that’s different, however, is that it strengthens and conditions lashes so your lashes will be thicker and fall out less when you’re taking off your makeup at the end of the day. Now while I’m not sure what officially constitutes my lashes as being stronger, I can say I’ve noticed that they don’t come off nearly as often as they do when I use less natural mascara formulas, which is a problem I’ve definitely faced in the past.

After my experiences with these products, I don’t think that Perfekt is a brand I’ll be purchasing from again anytime soon. The results I had while using them were not nearly enough to justify the prices when I have other products that do much more for much less. I will probably use up the rest of them since I have them, but I just wasn’t that impressed with the brand.

If this brand was something you’ve been curious about on your Sephora trips then hopefully my review will be helpful in aiding your decision on whether or not to fork out the money on the products.

The beauty world can be an overwhelming place sometimes, so I feel like reviews on what’s not-so-good can definitely help narrow done the seemingly never-ending list of products to try. I hope that’s what I did for you today!

And on the bright side, it’s finally the weekend!

<3 Ash


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