L.A. Live || Hometown Hunt

L.A. Live || Hometown Hunt

Hello lovelies!

I recently came across Eventbrite‘s Hometown Hunt that strives to find some of the best gems in a person’s town. If you’ve never heard of Eventbrite, they’re basically an event planning website where you can find local events happening in your city or even plan an event of your own. It’s something that I’ve used quite frequently since going to college as many clubs and organizations on campus found it the easiest way to have students RSVP for events. So because I was already familiar with them I decided that it would be fun to participate in the challenge and share one of my favorite places to be!

Now having grown up in Kansas City, spending the past three years living in Los Angeles, and now recently moving with my family to Phoenix area, I certainly had lots of places to choose from when brainstorming what I would write about in this post. However, there was one that kept standing out in my mind that I eventually knew was the right choice: LA Live.




LA Live as a whole doesn’t take up too much space, but there are so many different things compacted into its vicinity that it doesn’t really need to. It includes around a dozen different restaurants, several clubs, a movie theatre, the Nokia event center, several high-class hotels, and so much more, all at your fingertips, condensed into one cozy, convenient spot. But those are just the obvious components, the aspects that everyone knows about and can see just by driving by.

However, the less known features of LA Live are what make it one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. On the weekends, LA Live is known for hosting amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind events of all different natures in its large outdoor commons that connects the various venues. Everything from spray paint art showcases to craft fairs to circus performers; no matter what the occasion I have always been thoroughly entertained by every event that I’ve attended in LA Live, and the best part, they’re almost always free.

And the beauty of it is that more often than not, I’d go downtown for something simple, just to catch an afternoon movie, then discover upon my arrival that something exciting is happening that day as well, and I’d spontaneously end up spending several hours wandering around to enjoy the festivities, trying free food samples or appreciating unique artwork from local artists. I love that these local events add an element of surprise to every visit I take to LA Live; I never know what unique festivity I’m going to stumble upon.

If you ever have the chance to visit Downtown LA on the weekends, I would definitely suggest stopping into LA Live. Whether it’s to enjoy a luscious meal at Wolfgang Puck or stop to enjoy some spray paint artists performing live, you’re guaranteed a an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience either way.

What are your favorite places in your hometown? I would love to read about them in the comments!

<3 Ash


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