Summer Goals || UPDATE

Summer Goals || UPDATE

It happens without fail every year that August comes around and catches my unsuspecting self off-guard, taunting me with the reminder that real life and responsibility will be resuming much quicker than I’d prefer. And as much as I try to make the most of my summers, I can’t help but be sad when they come to an end in just the blink of an eye, like always.

However, this summer I put myself up to the task of creating specific goals to make sure when it did find its end, I would be sad but not regretful, because I would’ve used my time to the fullest while I had it. So now that we’ve reached that point, I decided it was time to give an update on how I did sticking to all my goals (you can check out the original post here).

1. Invest time in family/friends. Moving to a new city has made this task both easier and harder. As far as family is concerned, we’ve grown undoubtedly closer the past few months, as we don’t really know many others here and therefore have been spending much more time with each other. I feel very blessed for the time I’ve had with them this summer. Investing in friends I knew would be slightly harder, given that I wouldn’t have the privilege to just drop by their house on a dime. However, I did have the pleasure of a few friends coming into town to visit which was a lovely treat. And I think that given everyone’s busy schedules, I think we all did pretty well keeping in touch regardless. So I’m counting this goal as a success :).

2. Take up old hobbies. This one I’d count as half successful. After getting a job I didn’t have quite the amount of free time I’d hoped to be able to take on all the things I once loved. But I did get to pursue my artistic hobbies such as painting and drawing, so that was a great start I think.

3. Read more books. Here’s the thing about reading.. I’ve been in sort of a book slump lately. My local library is very limited in its young adult book choices and the novels that I was excited to read had at least 200 holds on them ahead of me so I had no chance of getting my hands on them anytime soon. So for most of the summer I wasn’t reading much of anything, sadly. BUT, just this past week I’ve been getting to work a few hours early and going into the Barnes and Noble next door to read some of those popular books that I can’t get anywhere else. And it has been wonderful. I plan to keep doing that this week as well because it’s been quite a refreshing way to start my morning; just myself, a frappuccino, and a good book. (P.S. If you love the Divergent series but have only seen the movies, trust me on this one, read the third book. You’re in for some surprises regardless but books just portray events so much better movies)

4. Get fit. This one I’d have to mark as a failure… sigh. I exercised this summer, don’t get me wrong, but it was a lot less frequent and less strenuous than I would’ve preferred. Hopefully I can try again and get into a better routine this semester.

5. Train Holly. This was a half success as well. Holly is a funny pup. She’s highly intelligent, but generally only obeys when it benefits her in some form. So while we work on various skills, she’s perfect. But when the time comes to utilize that training in a real-life setting, not so much. We’re working on it..

6. Focus on de-stressing my life. I think as a whole this would be a success. Speaking honestly, this summer was everything but stress-free. But I think I’m figuring out better ways to handle my stress so that it doesn’t completely consume all my time and energy. So although I think I have more stressors now than I did at the start of the summer, I’ve at least somewhat figured out how to manage them all to keep functioning normally day after day.

This summer certainly had its ups and downs but as a whole I’d say I invested my time pretty well to make it all worth it. I’m still not looking forward to the looming semester ahead of me (but who ever is?), but at least I can feel satisfied with how I spent my days the past few months. I hope everyone else’s summer was everything they wanted it to be and more!

And in this last week before school starts again, I wish you all days full of blue skies and sunshine and smiles!

<3 Ash


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