Country Music Fest: My Experience, Outfits + Festival Tips

Country Music Fest: My Experience, Outfits + Festival Tips



Top: Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

Shorts: RunwaySeven

Sandals: Target





Top: Charlotte Russe

Shorts: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie






Top: Charlotte Russe

Shorts: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

Flower crown: old

Living in the heart of LA now, it’s no surprise that there aren’t too many people that share my love of country music to want to go to a huge country concert extravaganza. But regardless of your music style, I think everyone should take the opportunity to unplug from the real world for just a bit and escape for the weekend to a 3-day music festival to listen to some artists you enjoy. Which is what Quinn and I decided to do this past weekend when we road-tripped up to middle-of-nowhere; population 1200, Wisconsin to attend Country Fest. Now there are a lot of music festivals that take place in the summer, but we chose this particular one because my all-time favorite artist, Keith Urban, was going to be there. I’ve never seen him live before so when I found out he was going to be at this event I knew I had to go.

Overall our experience was amazing! Since we didn’t have a fancy camper like most of the people that came, we just chose to camp old-school, tent-style instead. Luckily, all our neighbors were incredibly friendly and welcoming (it’s that southern hospitality thing) so we were always invited to use one of their chairs and eat with them, instead of in the tent, which was very appreciated. Whenever we weren’t at our campsite, we were on the concert grounds eating great food, playing games, and listening to some nice bands on the lawn. If you’ve never played 2×4 Jenga before, I definitely recommend it. We started a game one morning and it got so intense that all the bystanders watching formed themselves into two teams rooting for either Quinn or I to win and were cheering in the back after every move. I’m happy to say I came out victorious ;). In the evenings we sat on a blanket on the lawn to listen to the headliners, which consisted of Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Toby Keith. All of them were great performers, but we both agreed that Keith Urban brought a contagious energy to the stage that just made his whole show incredible. It was so clear how passionate he was about his music and you could just see that he was having so much fun on stage and that definitely carried out into the audience’s hype. Not to mention he gave away his signed guitar to a fan in the audience, who I casually stalked after the show so I could get my picture with Keith Urban’s guitar 😉 haha. Definitely worth it. Our other favorite performers were Lee Brice, Brett Eldredge, and Neal McCoy. Each of them had a very different, unique performing style but they were all great entertainers as well which is what we loved most. And again it was so evident that they loved their job and got so much enjoyment from being on stage that it made their show a lot more enjoyable for the audience.

We didn’t end up staying for Toby Keith on Sunday because of bad weather; instead we drove an hour into Minnesota to visit Mall of America before heading back to Kansas City the next day. All in all it was great to have a weekend to get away and for it being my first Music Festival, I definitely learned a lot about how to prepare for the future. So I decided to share four festival tips from my trip to help any other first-timers make their experience the best.

First-time Festival Tips

1. Know your campsite! If you’re going to camp on the festival grounds, be sure learn as much as possible about the facilities. Will they have showers? Warm water? Will you have a sink available? (Because we learned the hard way that showers do not mean there will be sinks) Is your car parked at your campsite or at a different lot? Will you have indoor restrooms or just port-a-potties? If you look up these things ahead of time then at least you’ll know what to expect for the weekend and won’t be caught off guard.

2. Bring lawn chairs. For some reason this one slipped our mind entirely which if weren’t for the kindness of our neighbors we would’ve been eating all our lunches at the campsite on the ground or lamely sitting in the car with the door open. They’re also beneficial to have if the only standing room at your concert is the pit and the rest of the fans choose to sit in front of the stage instead. You don’t want to be the person sitting on a blanket on the ground not able to see over the rows of heads all in lawn chairs above you.

3. Pack lots of food. It’s unbelievable how quickly money adds up when you’re buying concession food for every meal. To help cut costs, bring simple breakfasts like pop-tarts, donuts, or coffee cake (healthy, I know) and easy to make lunches such as bread and PB & J. These things will be really low maintenance (you could probably even get by without a cooler) and they’ll save you a ton of money so you can spend it on better things. We also found it helpful to have things like chips and handheld snacks like apples, grapes, and granola bars on hand so if we got hungry during the day we had plenty to munch on that didn’t require us to go buy a $7 tub of kettle corn.

4. Bring warm clothes just in case. Though it’s easy to indulge in the festival style of high-waisted shorts and fringe tank tops during the day, at night time, it gets cold. With the exception of Phoenix, every city I’ve been to from New York to LA gets chilly at night so if you’re like me and get cold easy, make sure to pack jeans and a sweater to change into for later. It’s infinitely harder to enjoy a concert when all you can think about is how cold your toes are. And if you’re camping, bring lots of extra blankets, because your tent will get especially cold overnight and you don’t want to be waking up shivering in the middle of the night.

5. Have plenty of cash on hand. Not all places take debit cards and you don’t want to get stuck paying outrageous ATM fees trying to get more money out halfway through. So make sure you bring plenty of cash with you from home so you’re covered for the whole weekend.

I’m sure that repeat festival goers could give you a lot more detailed advice, but those are the biggest things we learned from our first trip that I wanted to share with everyone else. Hopefully if you’re planning on going to a festival this summer then these little tips will help you.

And if you are going to one, I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Happy first day of July!

<3 Ash



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