Summer Goals

Summer Goals

Hello lovelies!

Even though it’s only been about a week, I feel as though I haven’t posted something new in ages. The chaos of finals has preoccupied all of my attention recently and even though I still have two left, I decided to take some time away from studying this morning to write about something that has been on my mind: Summer.

Summer vacation for me is only four days away and it got me thinking about how exactly I wanted to invest my time this summer. I use the word ‘invest’ specifically, becauseI don’t want to just ‘spend’ my time and then in August look back and wonder where it all went. At the end of the summer I want to be able to see the outcomes of carefully invested time after my two and a half month break and feel happy about how it was used.

So to best ensure that my time was being well invested over the next few months, I decided to make a list of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, & timely) goals that I would set for myself over the summer. While I won’t fully explain the analytics of my schedule and how I’m measuring each one (frankly, just because I feel that wouldn’t be very interesting to read), I thought I would share my basic objectives with you so as to hopefully inspire some of you to make some personal goals for yourselves over the summer! Plus, by sharing them on here, I feel it will help me hold myself more accountable to completing them all as well. So here are 6 of my big goals for investing my time in Summer 2015.

1. Invest time in family/friends. This summer I’ll be moving from Missouri to Arizona which means (unfortunately) I will lose the opportunity to see many of my friends who I’ve gone to school with for practically a decade. So I want to make sure I devote time to keeping in touch with everyone and investing in those relationships that mean the most to me.

2. Take up old hobbies. There are so many different passions of mine (specifically painting, dance, drawing, and ice-skating) that due to my busy schedule I had to put on hold for awhile. However now that I’ll have some free time available I really want to take them back up again because they are hobbies of mine that I thoroughly enjoy and have missed for some time now.

3. Read more books. I hardly have the opportunity to read for pleasure in college and I really want to devote some time this summer to going through my reading list and crossing off some books that have been on my radar for a while. Additionally, I would also like to read more books of the Bible and really dig deeper into God’s Word this summer to learn how to be a better Christ-follower. (My faith isn’t something I’ve mentioned here before, but I am in fact a Christian. I will perhaps unpack my Christianity on a different, later date.)

4. Get fit. For my hobbies such as dance and ice-skating I really need to have a strong, fit body in order to be successful at them. The past month I’ve been trying to get back in shape again, but it’ll be something I really have to focus on more this summer.

5. Train Holly. Ah, Holly… Holly is our one year old beagle puppy whose undeniable adorableness is probably the only reason we have not choked her yet. (Just kidding, I wouldn’t actually choke her but she really is a bit out of control). So this summer since I’ll have the time I plan on working with her a lot more frequently to help her learn basic obedience skills and not to chew up the walls.

6. Focus on de-stressing my life. The past year I’ve had has been such a roller coaster due to so many significant life changes and an abundance of extra stress, and it has really taken a toll on my mental health. Therefore I want to make sure I’m investing enough time in me to make sure I’m giving my body the kind of attention it needs to stay healthy and happy despite everything happening around me. So I’ll be taking a lot of time to focus on myself this summer and let go of some areas of stress so I can keep moving forward.

Now that I’ve listed all my goals out, I just wanted to note that I think the key to following through with your aims is making sure that you’re evaluating progress. I think we’ve all probably had a moment when we said we were going to do something, even wrote it down somewhere perhaps, and then completely forgot all about it and realized much later that we never finished it. I think that’s where New Years Resolutions fail too, because we don’t create action plans to carry out whatever our target result may be. So for these Summer goals of mine, although I only listed the objective, each have a specific plan for execution and evaluation to make sure I’m staying on track. So for those of you looking to make goals for this summer as well, I’d strongly encourage you to make a plan of action and decide a time when you’ll evaluate your progress so you can see how far along you are. Doing that will be key to sticking with them and making this summer your best one yet. 🙂

If you do decide to set goals for yourself, I’d love to read them in the comments! Only four more days ’til school is out! Get excited!


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