A Friendly Surprise

A Friendly Surprise

So I’ve been a bit absent from the blog the past week, but for good reason! Friday after I returned from seeing Insurgent (which was a bit different from the book but still really great!) I came home to a lovely surprise! My friend Haley and her new beau had drove all day from Arizona to L.A. to come spend the weekend with me! It turns out she had been planning this little trip for over a month now and everyone, including my roommate and my boyfriend, was in on it except me. It was then that I started piecing together all the clues from our recent conversations and realized how all the signs went right over my head haha. So she definitely did a great job of keeping it a secret!

Since the trip was a surprise we took it easy with our plans and decided not to worry to much about what we were doing, and instead just enjoy simple time being together and see where the day takes us. On Saturday our day took us over to Venice Beach area where we enjoyed some of the sunshine very briefly before heading over to the 3rd Street Promenade at Santa Monica to eat and check out the shops.


For dinner we stopped at Burger Lounge; a very LA-esque eatery with some delicious food! I ordered the traditional Lounge Burger with some fries and both tasted heavenly. The fries especially were extremely good (I think they had garlic on them? Yum..), so if you ever stop by you have to try them!

After that we enjoyed some of the fun street performers, many of which were very talented singers and dancers, and then we went to Cherry on Top for dessert. Personally I just felt it was really nice to spend a relaxing day out without having an agenda, it made everything much more enjoyable because we weren’t really pressed for time and we could just enjoy each other’s company. 🙂


On Sunday we finished the weekend by going to Syrup in Downtown LA. It was my first time there as well but I will definitely be going back. They’re known for their breakfast desserts like crepes and waffles covered in sweet toppings and served with ice cream on the side. I chose the Nutella crepe with strawberries and bananas and it was so delicious! (Sorry there aren’t any pictures of that one, I got too excited and ate it before I remembered…lol) I also got their mint-chocolate hot cocoa which I almost didn’t want to drink because of the super cute bear they drew on the top… but it was incredibly rich and tasty so I got over that real quick haha.

Overall it was a lovely weekend spent with great friends! I’m very thankful that they took the time to plan this whole tip to come see me. I feel very loved. 🙂

And this week I have the pleasure of another visitor as my boyfriend will be in town from tomorrow morning ’til  Sunday! And the best part is… we’re going to Disneyland! Eek! Needless to say I can’t wait for classes to be over!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and is off to a great start for this week!

<3 Ash


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