Bath and Body Works Spring Collection

Bath and Body Works Spring Collection



I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of all things Bath and Body Works so when their spring collection debuted I was really excited to go to the store and splurge on some sweet-smelling goodies!

Firstly, the amazing Hawaiian collection from last year has made a comeback with five tropical themed fragrances titled; Hawaii, Waikiki (which is really similar to last year’s scent Honolulu Sun), Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. These ones are fruity, coconut blended scents that take you straight to the sandy beaches of an island paradise. They’ll definitely have you wishing summer to come faster!

They also have an aztec/jungle-themed spring set that includes: Lush Pink Dragonfruit, Cool Amazon Rain, and Fresh Brazil Citrus. While all the other scents mentioned thus far have been really bold, Cool Amazon Rain is a much more subtle scent in my opinion; it’s a really fresh, almost calming, scent that I think is probably one of my favorite purchases from this collection.

The last few scents are less island-esque and more meadow-y (if that even makes sense). They include:  Love and Sunshine, Butterfly Flower, French Lavender and Honey, Endless Weekend, Cherry Blossom, and Wild Honeysuckle (the last 3 of which I believe were around last year as well). These fragrances are more soft and floral, they remind me of countryside walks or picnics in the park, and they definitely carry the essence of spring more than the others.

In total I ended up buying eight bottles; five regular size and 3 travel size of all my favorites from the spring collection. And they’re currently holding their ‘buy two get one free’ sale, which makes it a little more affordable to stock up for the summer!

P.S. If all the different smells in the store overwhelms you, don’t let that stop you from finding a good match! Just use this simple tip: Whenever you want to smell a lotion or perfume, smell your shirt sleeve first, then smell the item. The scentless fabric will neutralize all the other scents in your nose so that you’ll only smell the item that you want to :).

What are your favorite scents for the spring/summer?

<3 Ash


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