Backstage at LA Fashion Week!

Backstage at LA Fashion Week!

Wow! Monday was such a whirlwind! Getting to attend such an amazing event as part of LA’s fashion week was SUCH  a cool opportunity and getting behind-the-scenes access made it that much cooler! If I’m being totally honest, when Courtney and I first arrived, I was so excited that it was all I could do not to just squeal from happiness and excitement and anticipation because it was without a doubt the most exclusive event I’ve ever attended! I kept thinking to myself “Is this really my life right now??” because it all just seemed too good to be true and even as I write about it now I can’t believe that it wasn’t just an amazing dream. Eep! So here’s how it all went!



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We arrived at 3:00 and were greeted by some finely dressed young men who directed us to the inside of the Tagylan Complex. The whole outside pavilion was in and of itself a gorgeous sight to see! There was beautiful landscape and detailed fountains and palm trees laced with twinkling lights; it was very Hollywood-esque, like straight out of a movie. Since we were working directly for Sue Wong as her social media assistants for the night, we got to skip past the regular volunteer check-in table (making us feel even MORE special than we already did!) and head straight inside the venue. Tons of volunteers were busy setting up for Sue Wong’s show. People were scattered about hanging and labeling dresses on the racks, arranging the backstage areas for the models, and setting out all the headdresses in order on tables. It was so cool seeing all the preparation that went into making the show run smoothly, and naturally we took the opportunity to snap some photos the action! 😉

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Then we met with Luke, Sue’s right-hand man who happens to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. There were four of us Social Media Assistants in total running her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and we each were given a backstage pass then proceeded to hair and makeup where all of Sue’s models were busy getting ready for the show. It was a beauty lovers DREAM back there! Oh my goodness they had every makeup product imaginable in every color you could possibly want! It was incredible. The makeup artists worked so quickly it was almost hard to take photos but we managed to get a few good ones before heading back outside. Next up we were to shoot the red carpet as all the celebrities and special guests began to arrive, which ended up being quite different than I had imagined. 20150309_181450_fotor     20150309_184342_fotor 20150309_184442_fotor        20150309_185728(0) So firstly, it’s not like just one person is on the carpet, a couple photographers take their picture, and then they get to walk inside the complex. Oh no. It was more like there was a line of at least 30 guests all waiting their turn while there were usually at least 7 or 8 people on the red carpet at once, all slowly making their way up the stairs to the entrance, while 50 to 60 photographers from various media sites all called out their names in an attempt to get them to focus their direction for just a second. Additionally, most of the guests had an assistant that walked in front of them holding a card that said the star’s name and a few of their notable achievements so that (I’m guessing) photographers could snap a picture of that too and easily have all the information they need about each guest for writing/captioning purposes. At the top of the stairs a few reporters waited to interview some of the more prestige guests and several of them carried around a packet containing all the names and faces of the guests arriving, which I thought was really pretty interesting. And then at the very top there was Courtney and I! Haha. By the time people got to us they were usually a little more than exasperated with dealing with media, however, once we told them we were running Sue Wong’s personal accounts and just wanted the photo for her Instagram and Twitter they perked up and were incredibly open and friendly to us which was really nice. A lot of them were more than willing to have actual conversations with us, show off their Sue Wong originals that they had worn to the show, and give us all their own social media information so we could tag them in the photos. It was amazing how many of the people were so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. It made our job so much fun because we really got to engage with everyone we met. My favorite guest of the night, however, was by far Lori Alan! She was not only such a sweet, funny woman, but she was so lively and full of character that it was just a blast to talk to her! And, she happens to be the voice of Pearl on Spongebob and if anyone knows me I LOVE Spongebob. It was my whole childhood and my brother and I can quote practically every word of every episode, and so I couldn’t help but be a little dorky and ask for a personal photo which she happily obliged to! That was another one of my squeal moments for sure.. haha. We shot the runway for about two and a half hours before they finally opened up seating inside the complex and people could take their seats (which was good because the lobby was WAY too crowded at this point which was getting a bit overwhelming). We went in after the crowds had died down and took a spot on the side of the stage to get pictures. 20150309_175439_fotorIMG_20150309_200701_fotor          20150309_180239_fotor


As my first fashion show ever, it definitely set quite a high standard for any future ones I attend; the show was absolutely amazing! Her theme was myths and goddesses and every single dress was a complete work of art with so much attention to detail! They were presented in sets based on color, each with its own music soundtrack to correspond with the dresses. And the models not only donned the elegant gowns, but they each had wore an extravagant headdress to match that made every look that much more glamourous. There were a few dresses that had people actually gasping as the models walked out onto the runway because they were that incredible. Sue is without a doubt a very talented designer to have created such awe-inspiring looks. It was an amazing first experience! When it ended, Courtney and I left with the two other assistants to grab some food (as we’d been there for six hours without eating and definitely needed to refuel) before heading over to Sue Wong’s mansion (one of three by the way) where we were attending the after party. There was good music and great food ( I know because we helped make most of it that Saturday haha) and even greater company. A lot of important people from the fashion and the film industry had attended and we had the privilege of talking to several really cool guests, and I got a picture with Sue herself! Double eep! But I think my favorite part was when the live music began and they played fun rock-jazz tunes on the bass while another guest improved some lyrics about Sue Wong and the fashion show to match the beat. It was super fun :).



20150310_011409_fotor         20150310_012706-2_fotor

By the time everything had died down and we posted the last of our pictures, we didn’t make it home until around 2:15 am. On a Monday. …oh boy haha. That Hollywood life is quite the busy one!

I’ve been sleeping off the effects of that night the past two days and I still think I’m tired haha but I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything! I’m so thankful to have had such a cool opportunity, and I hope you guys enjoyed a little insider access of Fashion Week here in LA!

P.S. Sorry that this is being posted a day late, I had hundreds of photos to go through and it took a bit longer than I anticipated! But I hope the final product was worth it!

Happy Hump Day! <3 Ash



  1. March 13, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    Amazing! What a great experience. Maybe just the beginning??

  2. Janice Sacramento
    March 12, 2015 / 10:13 am

    You got some really nice behind-the-scenes photos. Having been in a few fashion shows in my younger days, there really is a lot of prep work that goes into one. I can’t imagine how much goes into a big event like this. It really was quite an experience for you. I’m glad you had the opportunity.

    • March 12, 2015 / 10:43 am

      Thank you! And yes it took more than 6 hours of preparation the day of the event to put it all together. It’s crazy to think they’re hosting events like that all week! I’m happy I got to experience it though 🙂

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