Matrix Oil Wonders

Matrix Oil Wonders


I’ve been highlighting my hair for several years now and although I love my blonde color, it’s important to me that I take extra good care of my hair so that I don’t permanently damage it in the process. As some of you may also have experienced, whenever I have my highlights in my hair tends to be more dry and prone to tangling much more easily. So last time I had a haircut I asked my hairdresser what product she recommends to help me take care of some of these problems, and she told me about the Matrix Oil Wonders for colored hair. I’ve been using this product for several weeks now and I have really been loving it! It leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and smooth, and it smells amazing which is a great bonus! The oil is surprisingly light so it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it look too greasy.

I usually use about 3-4 pumps of it (even though the back says to use 1-2), run it through my wet hair after I shower, and let it air dry. Occasionally I will run 1 pump of it through my dry hair as a smoothing treatment and I find that works really well too.

I think that whether you have color-treated hair, or if you’re just looking for something to help combat dry, tangled, or damaged hair, this is a great product to own!

<3 Ash


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