2015 Goals

After spending some long time reflecting, and then writing, about 2014, I felt that now it would be a good time to write out some of my goals for 2015. The beginning of a new year is one of my favorite times; it’s so easy to leave behind the faults and failures of the past and reorganize your life to start heading in the direction you want it to. I typically tend to do a list of goals, instead of just one resolution however, because I usually manage to think up a lot of things that I would love to do differently in the new year to give myself a fresh start. And for an avid list-maker like myself, I love writing out all my goals and aspirations and things so that I can keep myself accountable throughout the year to make sure it is best year yet :). So here is my current list of goals and changes I’d like to make to give myself a happier, brighter, lifestyle in 2015.

  1. Read more. I have loved reading books ever since I was a little kid. There’s something so captivating about being caught up in a great book; it’s a little escape from your own reality where you can visualize someone else’s experiences. However it’s seemed like the older I get though my list of books keeps getting longer, I never actually make time to sit down and actually read any of them like I’d like to. So this year I resolve to fit more time in my schedule to read for my own pleasure.
  2. Try new things. I am definitely the kind of person who once I get into a routine I like; I tend to be very reluctant to stray from it. However I realize that I could definitely be missing out on some really great opportunities because I’m too stubborn or scared or hesitant to try something out of my norm. So I hope to start saying “yes” to more things and get out of my comfort zone a little more with experiencing new things, even if it’s a small thing like just ordering something new at my favorite restaurants.
  3. Spend less. Last year I sort of utilized retail therapy as a coping mechanism probably a little bit more than I should have and my bank account definitely took a hit because of it. This year though I’m going to create a budget and really try to stick with it each month, only buying things that I really need.
  4. Be more active. I know lots of people do the stereotypical “lose weight”, but I mean something a bit different. Honestly I’m pretty happy with my current body weight but I am not happy, however, with my blatant lack of physical fitness. I believe there is a big difference between being thin, and being in shape, and I know that I have a much more sedentary lifestyle than I’d like. Therefore I say I want to be more active and do things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, go for walks outside (or maybe jogs), and try to do some simple at home exercises a few times a week so that I can have a much healthier body. (Plus exercise is a great mood-booster and stress reliever which is an added bonus for the hard work!) 🙂
  5. Complain less. I am sad to admit that I am notorious for being the first person to vocalize when something is not going exactly the way I wish it were. Everything from the weather to all my homework to how tired I am. However being that negative all the time is really draining on you and all the people that have to listen to the complaints. I hope that this year I can learn to try and focus on the positives of every situation, or at least just suck it up and be quiet about it instead of projecting negativity on others.
  6. Follow through. Although I am always coming up with new ideas for things that I think would be fun to accomplish or try or even just new topics to blog about, I find that I rarely actually follow through and complete them. This year I want to challenge myself to carry out more of those ideas though and see where they might lead me, because you never know unless you try!

So there are my big New Years Goals for 2015! Hopefully a few months into the year I can look back on this list and see that I’m actually completing them!

What are your New Years goals or resolutions?

<3 Ash



  1. Janice Sacramento
    January 10, 2015 / 3:53 am

    Beautiful goals, well thought out. If you do number 6, numbers 1-5 will be a breeze. Since I was certified to teach Accomplishing Your Potential through goal setting, I will give you two tips to help you. One, think in the first person AS IF ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED – i.e., “I feel very healthy and invigorated because I always take the stairs and do mini exercise breaks in my chair while studying.” That is now to write goals. Two, visualize yourself in the new setting – not like a fly looking down on you, but from your perspective – i.e. rock wall climbing: see the wall, see your hands gripping the rocks, see the placement of your feet, see the next rock to grip, etc. This works great for test taking, too. You get the picture. Hope this helps you have a happier, brighter year.

    • January 10, 2015 / 3:57 am

      I will definitely have to try those tips out! Thanks for the great advice! I will let you know in a few weeks how well I’m staying on track and such 🙂

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