Bath and Body Works Christmas Candles

Bath and Body Works Christmas Candles



So I’ve been really enjoying all sorts of candles lately, possibly even a little too much according to my boyfriend. However, after giving me SUCH a hard time about wanting to buy any candles in the first place, he walked into my room and exclaimed “Wow! It smells amazing in here! What’d you do?” So case closed. Boys just don’t understand sometimes… haha.

And needless to say with all the amazing Christmas scents out right now I couldn’t resist picking up these two lovely jars! The first one is Spiced Apple Toddy and smells like delicious cinnamon apple cider. The second is Mint Mocha Bark and smells exactly like one of those yummy green and brown chocolate mints you get when you leave a restaurant. It’s definitely a very sweet scent so it might not be for all, but I love it!

I’m always really impressed with the variety and quality of everything at Bath and Body Works and these are no exception! And despite what boys may say, you can never have too many Christmas candles 😉 So I give you permission to justify a few more purchases :).

And if you have other suggestions about candles you’ve been loving this holiday season, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear some suggestions!

<3 Ash


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