Thanksgiving Update

Thanksgiving Update



There really is nothing better than going home for the holidays. Which is why this year I gave myself an extended Thanksgiving break by getting ahead on a few assignments and then cutting class to come home a weekend early to spend some extra time with my family. And even so it still felt like the time just flew by way too quickly! I’ve been so busy I sort of neglected updating my blog the past week (sorry!) so I decided to do a catch-up post and include some snippets of the events of my break.

So firstly, I got into Kansas City the Friday before Thanksgiving because it was my boyfriend (Quinn’s) 18th birthday. The exciting part though was that he had no idea I was coming home early (I told him I’d be home Tuesday hehe). So with the help of my brother and some of our friends I planned this whole scavenger hunt that led him all over our town, and he got various presents along the way, until finally he ended up at one of our friend’s house where we set up a surprise party for him. And I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself for how it all turned out. And he was definitely very surprised, despite me almost giving it away MULTIPLE times (“Aw man, my floor is having a holiday party in the courtyard this weekend and I won’t even be there for it!” –I had to make up something quick after that slip-up… oops). But I’d say it was a success! Plus it was fun popping out of a box and seeing the look on his face hehe.

Then that weekend I got to see Quinn perform in Guys and Dolls as Nathan Detroit (the lead I might add!). And even though I’ve never seen it before and my opinions MAY be a little biased… I think he did phenomenal 🙂

The days leading up to Thanksgiving were very relaxing, as I spent most of that time just hanging out with my family and watching Christmassy movies and the Lego Movie and Tangled. It was quite nice to just sit at home cozy under some blankets and watch some movies with my favorite people. When I wasn’t watching movies, I was catching up with some old friends who also came home for Thanksgiving. I also finally went to see Mockingjay, which was amazing! I can’t wait for Part 2 to come out! And as you may have noticed from the pictures, I made the brave choice to chop off some of my hair and try something different with bangs! And though for the first 20 minutes I wondered if I had just made a terrible decision, I am now so very happy with my choice and I get lots of compliments on my new look. I feel like they’re the perfect accessory every day, it’s great.

Thanksgiving itself was absolutely lovely. We spent it at one of my best friend’s house (she’s in the pictures below) where we ate WAY too much and then some… it was more food than my poor college self could cook in a month.


And then we topped our evening off by going Downtown to the Plaza to watch their annual lighting ceremony.





Afterwards the Mowgli’s performed (look up their song Say it, Just Say It!) and we drank lots of hot chocolate to stay warm, or as Matt would put it, “roasty toasty”.

Then of course there was Black Friday…


I told myself I would only get a few things but the sales were just too good to pass up on and I had so many coupons I couldn’t resist. And I have to say I did do a pretty decent job of not spending too much, although I’m probably done shopping for a little while now as I definitely got more than I probably needed. So expect to see many posts to come of all my recent purchases!

And then that night a funny thing happened you see, because as I was sitting with my family Friday night about to start packing my bag so I could leave on my flight Saturday morning I realized I really, really did not want to go back to LA just yet. So we did some last minute maneuvering and pushed my flight back a day so I’d get another precious 24 hours at home. And that extra day was definitely worth it :).

And now even though this might be a little late as the official holiday has passed, I think it’s good to be thankful more than just one day a year, so I want to list off all the things I’m very grateful for right now.

<3 My caring, supportive family

<3 My great friends

<3 My loving significant other

<3 My two silly pups that always brighten my day

<3 God and all the blessings he gives me

<3 The amazing education I have the opportunity to receive

<3 The health and safety of my family and myself

<3 The wonderful magic that is modern medicine

<3 Skype; for it lets me talk to my family even when I’m away

<3 Airplanes so I can take weekend trips back home

<3 Movie nights in with hot chocolate and blankets

<3 Christmas music and holiday cheer

<3 All the other little things that make me happy on a daily basis

So this post was kind of a long one but now I’m all caught up on the last week’s worth of life events! And now it’s December already! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. I know that the 2 weeks will be equally busy with finals and all but I’m going to try and remember to focus on all the positive things in the midst of my stress and make sure I don’t let all the good things pass me by. Because when you take a step back, we all really have so much to be thankful for. So even once the turkey leftovers are all gobbled up, don’t forget to keep on living out the essence of Thanksgiving and be grateful for all the little things in life :).

I hope everyone else had a wonderful break as well! Happy December! Eek!

<3 Ash


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  1. Janice Sacramento
    December 2, 2014 / 6:39 pm

    Glad you had a great time. I agree, we have much to be thankful for and need to live that gratitude our every day of our lives.

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