Bath and Body Works Holiday Mini-Haul

Bath and Body Works Holiday Mini-Haul




One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the delicious wintery lotion and candle scents that you can start buying in stores. And each year I’m always tempted into Bath and Body Works to pick up a few of the items in their holiday collections. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to go into their store as there are SO many smells present at once, but I always find great things that I love and they almost always have a sale of sorts going on which is an added bonus :).

So here are a few things I picked up on a mini-haul recently!

Winter Candy Apple- The name pretty much explains it; this scent smells exactly like yummy fresh apples, which is one of my favorite fall/winter scents.



Vanilla Bean Noel- This one is a delicate, vanilla scent that is very calming. It’s a little different than their Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, it’s less strong I think, and personally I think I like it a little better.



A Thousand Wishes- This scent is hard to describe but it smells delicious. It’s very fresh and almost fruity-like.  *Update: I looked up the ingredients and it has “sparkling champagne, star fruit, and golden quince” in it. So there you go 🙂


Tis the Season- They didn’t have mini lotions for this one so I opted for the hand sanitizer instead. But it’s the most Christmassy one out of all the scents and is a combination of apples, cinnamon, and green pine. And (you guessed it) it smells AMAZING.


Vanilla Snowflake- I’m in LOVE with this candle. It literally smells like freshly baked sugar cookies or cake batter. I could just eat it up it smells so good. I will definitely be buying a few more of these to place around my apartment!




Well there you have it! On this trip I just got the minis because I wanted to try out several of the Holiday Traditions scents without breaking my bank (and I personally find the minis to be quite convenient to carry too!). But I have many more coupons that need to be used up and will definitely be back soon to snag a few more wintery goodies!

<3 Ash


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  1. Janice Sacramento
    November 21, 2014 / 4:11 am

    They do have a lot of nice scents and a lot of good coupons too, so worth the trip.

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